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Homesick: A commissioned piece for FLUX Projects in Atlanta, GA. A large-scale realistic three-dimensional visual narrative, presented via a 3D animation projection on a 40-foot building facade and on-site installation. The concept of the piece is an Earthly retrospective presented from the viewpoint of nature. The intent is to trigger the deep-rooted instinctual longing that exists in all of us to live in, and cherish, an environment that is harmonious, pure, and abundant; an environment that, as a species, we have lived in harmony with and gravitated towards the overwhelming majority of our existence on Earth, but now hardly recognize or remember. One could also think of the piece as natures effort to try and remind us where we come from and will ultimately return.

The piece was shown as part of FLUX 2011 on the night of September 30th, 2011. The 38' x 65' projection was mapped onto the rear building facade of a gutted building shell, and was accompanied by a 5,000 square foot 6,000 gallon reflection pool created specifically for the showing.